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Mar 30, 2020

We are an executive coaching company that can meet your needs. 

Who can have Executive Coaching, Executive Leadership Coaching or mentoring?

  • Everyone in a leadership role! 
  • Even if you are not currently an executive leader, coaching and mentoring can help.
  • We do executive coaching for women, executive coaching for men and for all leaders, no matter how they identify. 

What does an Executive Coaching or Mentoring Session look like?

  • Every session is different, in terms of the content because the executive coaching and mentoring sessions are built around the executive coachee or mentor.
    • They are fully individualised to meet the needs of the coachee and mentee. 
  • A premeeting will agree the expectations of all, which includes confidentiality and ethics.
  • Each coaching session will use published coaching and mentoring methodologies and tools to ensure the highest quality session for the coachee and mentee.
    • The methodology used depends upon the executive coachee or mentee.
  • Every session will be followed by checks to ensure the coachee's or mentee's needs are being met by the executive coaching and mentoring sessions. (Gibson 2022)

Why use Executive Coaching and Mentoring in business or schools?

  • Executive coaching and mentoring is already used strategically in many countries and is in ‘…three quarters of all organisations’ (Parsloe, Leedham & Newell, 2017, P.228)
  •  It’s ‘increasingly…seen as important…for [the] professional development…[of] ... leadership…’ (Rhodes & Fletcher, 2013, P.49).
  • Coaching is recognised by the 'Department for Education and the National College for School Leadership’ in helping headteachers to ‘…build on strengths…and improve…leadership...'  (Rhodes & Fletcher, 2013, P.50).(Gibson 2022)

What is the purpose of Executive Coaching and Mentoring in a business or school?

  • Executive coaching and mentoring can help leaders to develop knowledge required for the complexities of leadership and coaching can help create and develop and retain robust leaders. (Gibson 2022)

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