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Dec 22, 2017

Training Reviewers

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the SEND Review process. Jon has provided clear guidance regarding how to conduct the reviews and the areas to explore. As a result, I am confident that I have gained an overview of both the strengths of SEN provision within [schools] and the areas that require focus during the coming year. Strategic SENDCo 
"It was a very positive day, insightful and enabled me to reflect on my own practice as well as exploring the rationale and strategy behind the practice in place at [the school].  It was a pleasure to work alongside Jon and to learn from him, understanding the craft of reviewing to elicit authentic, transparent and thoughtful information from the staff team at the school." NLE 

Vulnerable Learners Review

"As with any "audit" type process there is anxiety and trepidation. Can i go on line as saying any concerns I had were diminished immediately by the warm, disarming nature of Jon. I found the whole experience enlightening and informative and certainly backed my mantra of "everyday is a school day".  Many thanks" Assistant Headteacher, Secondary

"Our day with Jon was very useful and has left us with a clear plan regarding our next steps. His work has underpinned much of our recent self-evaluation but added an expert view on how to move things forward. Advice and strategies shared to date have been very useful and Jon was supportive and thought provoking throughout his visit. We very much look forward to the opportunity to work with Jon in the future."  Headteacher, Middle School

"Jon was excellent – very easy to work with, humorous and insightful – thanks." Headteacher, Middle School  

Pupil Premium Review

"Jon has provided me with valuable guidance in how to raise the attainment of PP children in our school. His advice has been incredibly important in shaping our PP policies and plans, giving us a solid base on which to build on." Primary Assistant Headteacher and PP lead

"[The] review really allowed us to confront what we knew but perhaps had not acknowledged clearly enough. It will now be the basis of a whole school QFT focus for 2018/9." Headteacher, Secondary

" ... a thorough process which was supportive and encouraged reflection. JG was warm and supportive. He listened well and made thoughtful contributions." Headteacher, Secondary.

"All expectations were met and exceeded significantly"  Assistant Headteacher and PDG

SEND Review

"A thoroughly enjoyable day. Jon provided some interesting and useful strategies and ways forward, in the capacity of being a critical friend."  Deputy Headteacher, Secondary School.

"The day included productive discussions around SEN provision that was developmental and professional. Solutions were suggested based around lines of enquiry that were revisited throughout the day, including the debrief. This focus ensured clear and realistic targets could be set." Headteacher, Middle School

"Excellent analytical support from an engaging and incisive consultant. We have already improved the accountability of HR in the workplace as a result, so that we can be sure targeted funding is used to raise student outcomes." Secondary SENCO 

"An excellent process. Challenging but very supportive. Lots of new ideas, even when we are doing very well, we could do better. Areas to improve made clear. Professional dialogue and deep questioning. Thorough understanding of my two tiny schools and our unique processes gained over the day. A good experience." Executive Headteacher, First School.

"Very thorough, but realistic. I feel that some of the additional resources will be used routinely from now on..." Secondary SENDCO

'... Jon was very knowledgeable and we had very productive discussions about areas for development and next steps.'  Headteacher, Middle School


Behaviour Workshops

"Content of the workshop was good and everyone was involved and made contributions. It was a relaxed environment and the facilitator put us at ease in order to be able to share openly." Primary Head.

"John is an engaging speaker who clearly has a lot of experience and expertise in this area. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with people from other schools to discuss issues that were pertinent to us and use their expertise to come to solutions." Head of House, Secondary.


"Jon enabled us to reflect and share our good practice; we also helped each other to problem solve different situations, which was effective."  Secondary SENCo


'This review really allowed us to confront what we knew but perhaps had not acknowledged clearly enough. It will now be the basis of a whole school QFT focus ....'
Headteacher, Secondary

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