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May 06, 2017

Backdrop's founder and director conducts all the secondary and special school reviews for the State of Jersey Inclusive Education and Early Years Review.

We are proud to announce that Backdrop's Jon Gibson conducted all the secondary and special school reviews for this project and also supported, through feedback, the writing of the final document. 

The State of Jersey  government website noted that the '

'The review recommends a shift in culture to meet the educational needs of all children and young people, including updating legislation and policies to be more in line with Government aspiration, providing more transparent data, and challenging the selective and separate nature of schooling in Jersey' Inclusive education review published (

To find a copy of the review visit here: Inclusive education review published (

Backdrop's founder and director is team lead on the  Guernsey and Alderney's SEND Review.

Backdrop's Jon Gibson was the team leader and project manager of nasen's SEND review team and worked with nasen's CEO, Prof. Adam Boddison, to co-author the SEND review for the Guernsey and Alderney government

The Guernsey and Alderney government website noted that the
'... wide-ranging review of Special Educational Needs and Disability provision in Guernsey and Alderney has found that there is some excellent, inclusive practice in place in fully States-funded schools and made recommendations to help ensure this is extended to all learners, all of the time.' (Guernsey and Alderney SEND Review - States of Guernsey (

Work we have recently completed or are undertaking:

  • Inclusion Audits of websites large number of schools in an Opportunity Area. 
  • Leadership support, Pupil Premium and SEND reviews in another Opportunity Area.
  • Phase lead and reviewer of secondary and special schools for an inclusion project, led by nasen, in the State of Jersey.
  • Remote SEND Peer to peer reviewer for secondary and PRU settings, led by nasen, in Blackpool.  
  • School Improvement Partner work with a PMLD setting in the South West. 
  • Project Feasibility work for an Alternative Provision to be based in the South West.
  • Start up School support for a special school called 'The Wildings', which is located in the South West.
  • SEND reviews of a MAT in the South West.
  • SEND and/or PP reviews in the North West, North East, South West and more!

Who have we worked with?

We have:
  • been commissioned as education consultants in over a 100 different primary, secondary, special and/or alternative provisions;  
  • education consultants who have worked with schools in England, Wales and in TWO of the Channel Islands;
  • partnered work for opportunity areas, teaching schools, multi academy trusts, local authorities and Welsh consortiums. 
  • helped colleagues to:
    • accelerate pupil progress;
    • diminish the vulnerable and disadvantaged learners gap
    • strategically plan to provide high quality teacher training and classroom practice
This means the education consultancy team:
  • have written well over a 100+ reviews (pupil premium, SEND or inclusion reviews);
  • written training for websites;
  • trained and coached headteachers, SENDCos and staff;
  • presented to multi-academy executive boards and much more;
  • helped schools to start from scratch.
And, of course, this means we have:
  • seen a huge range of practice;
  • drunk lots of coffee;
  • driven lots of miles;
  • had some 'pointed' conversations with Apple maps;
  • had many  interesting conversations with leaders;
  • lost lots of pens;
  • replaced lots of printer cartridges.

Backdrop Education is proud of the work our educational consultants in SEND, pupil premium, inclusion (and other areas) do with our clients

What our clients think of our service and team of education consultants?

How friendly and easy to work with are we?
  • 100% of respondents say we are extremely friendly and easy to work with.
Did we meet or exceed expectations?
  • 100% said we met or exceeded their expectations.
How likely are our clients to recommend our services?
  • 100% scored 10/10, which makes them extremely likely to recommend us.
Did we work and include the staff in the process?
  • 100% said they were included in the process. 

To read more about what schools say:

 Click the link next to each client to see the testimonials we have received whilst working for them. These are only a few of the 100 plus of settings we have worked with.

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'Jon and I have worked together in the same teams for various projects. He’s a great colleague. A real team player who is knowledgeable and supportive. He has a way of seeing things clearly so that everyone understands what is required for a piece of work, and all contributions are valued. We have both worked in the same county for a particular project and, the minute I mention knowing Jon, the teams that know him are full of praise for the support he has given them. And his sense of humour is legendary.'
EY Consultant

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