May 06, 2017

Contact us if you want supportive education consultancy, coaching, DSL supervision or mentoring from:

  • a professional who will work with you and ask the right questions;
  • a teacher and leader who will listen to your situation; 
  • a human who will smile;
  • a leader who will be open minded, empathetic, compassionate and provide a 'seasoning' of appropriate challenge;
  • a practitioner who has earned their laughter lines working in education;
  • someone who has seen the work of many other schools;
  • a person who few bad jokes and isa tea and coffee lovers! 

Our education consultancy team delivers high quality:

  • Pupil premium reviews, SEND reviews, inclusion reviews and governor reviews and more;
  • teacher and leadership support and coaching;
  • support using experience of working in and with numerous schools;
  • training in many areas that includes lesson observations and deep dives and more.

Our Mentoring and Coaching team provides:

  • A high quality mentoring and coaching for leaders.
  • Coaching supported by Level 7 study in mentoring and coaching qualification.
  • Experienced leaders who know the pressures of leadership at all levels.

Our DSL supervision team provides:

  • A high quality online DSL supervision service for DSLs across the country.
  • A fabulous confidential service to help DSLs navigate the challenging role they are doing.
  • Experienced DSLs who have walked the walk and understand and have experienced the role first hand.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

If you need anything else or have a question please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Telephone: (all enquiries)  0333 344 1976
General enquiries: admin@backdropeducation.com
Sales and services:
Finance and accounts: finance@backdropeducation.com

Helping you to put children and learning centre stage

'Easy to talk to but equally we feel challenged which is a good thing! The strategic plan has given us a clear structure'
Principal, SEN School & College

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