Pupil Premium Review

Jun 12, 2017

Feed back from a PP Review conducted by an experienced Backdrop Education consultant and PP reviewer.

'As with any "audit" type process there is anxiety and trepidation. Can I go on line as saying any concerns I had were diminished immediately by the warm, disarming nature of Jon. I found the whole experience enlightening and informative and certainly backed my mantra of "everyday is a school day". Many thanks  Assistant Headteacher, Secondary 
'Jon was excellent – very easy to work with, humorous and insightful – thanks'.  Headteacher, Middle School.

We use an established Pupil Premium Review process.

A Pupil Premium review starts with you!

We will discuss what you wish to achieve from it and design the process around your needs.  This means you can be sure we know what you want from the process, and be confident that our work meets your needs.

A pupil premium review is a collaborative process and is NOT a 'done unto' event.  As such, we encourage that a member of your team is with us at every stage of the Pupil Premium review and that they take an active part in it.  We want staff to feel empowered by the process and come out of it with a clear plan of what will happen next.  In fact, we often hear 'This is a coaching session, isn't it', which we feel sums up our approach.  However, we are there to 'challenge the accepted norm' if needs be but this is polite, friendly and professionally done.

A typical pupil premium review looks like:

Before the PP Review

  • Data and information is sent by the school to the reviewer.
  • A telephone conversation with a member of the school's Senior Team (usually the Headteacher) takes place.

On the day of the PP Review

  • Meeting with the Headteacher (and others if required) to establish the focus of the day.
  • Meetings with Pupil Premium Lead and other key staff.
  • Learning walks with staff.
  • Pupil voice exercises.
  • Recap with the Headteacher (and others if required) at the end of the day.

After the PP Review

  • The school will normally receive a written review within 7 working days of the visit. This review is subject to the approval of the school. 

If you would like to talk to an education consultant, discuss a PP review, have a question or need anything else, don't hesitate to contact us at:

Telephone: (all enquiries) 0333 344 1976
General enquiries: admin@backdropeducation.com
Sales and services:
Finance and accounts: finance@backdropeducation.com

Helping you to put children and learning centre stage

'I have worked with Jon in various roles over past 15 years. He has most recently done an excellent SEND review for our whole Academies Trust. He knowledge is superb and his highly professional and informative report enabled us to create a Trust wide plan as well as individual school ones. I can not recommend him highly enough.'
Headteacher and Strategic Lead for a MAT

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