School Improvement Partners

Jul 31, 2019

School Improvement Partnership Work

'Easy to talk to but equally we feel challenged which is a good thing! The strategic plan has given us a clear structure' Principal

We provide friendly, experienced professionals who will support your school to improve the services provided to, and the results of,  the learners in your education setting.

The aim of our SIP team is to:
  • contribute to whole-school improvement.
  • provide challenge and support for the senior management team.
  • provide information to a governing body on their school's performance and development.
Our SIPs will:
  • Discuss, assess and comment on the effectiveness of a school's self evaluation and school improvement plan against available evidence including the Ofsted report.
  • Review the school's performance data: recent national test results, trends over time, other pupil achievement data, and analysing the evidence for the school's improvement.
  • Discuss the school's targets and priorities for the coming year, based on the analysis of the data above, to ensure that they are ambitious but realistic.
  • Challenge the school where necessary, particularly on its capacity to improve and whether it is focusing on the most important priorities for improvement and development.
  • Report the outcomes of the "Single Conversation" to the school's Governing Body and the head teacher.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the governing body to inform the performance management of the head teacher.
What does this look like?
  • Typically between 5 & 6 one day visits a year.
    • This includes Headteacher appraisal meetings.
  • Looking at:
    • Data
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Pastoral Services
    • Leadership.
Every visit is supported by a Note of Visit as a written record of what was discussed during the day.

If you need any more information or have a question please don't hesitate to contact us at or on 0333 344 1976. 

'I worked with Jon who was an assistant headteacher at the time. After that he went on to be a Deputy Headteacher in two schools before developing on his successful consultancy business. Whilst working for me as an AHT, he was a pastoral lead and SENDCo at first. After the pastoral and SEND role, he worked on developing the school's curriculum . His work was well known in the area and I was even asked to second him to another institution to support a large scale project being developed there. He has an extensive understanding all aspects of school leadership and I would strongly recommend him without reservation.'

CEO of a MAT
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