May 06, 2017

Who are our team of education consultants, mentors, coaches and supervision leads?

They are:

  • experienced practitioners;
  • ex or existing senior leaders. SENDCos or local authority advisors who 'know their onions';
  • all human and friendly.

They will:

  • listen to you;
  • work with you;
  • adapt to meet your needs; 
  • occasionally make you smile (even laugh);

Please feel free to read the biographies of the education consultants by clicking the links below.

If you need anything else or have a question please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Telephone: (all enquiries): 0333 344 1976
General enquiries:
Sales and services:
Finance and accounts:

Helping you to put children and learning centre stage

'I worked with Jon who was an assistant headteacher at the time. After that he went on to be a Deputy Headteacher in two schools before developing on his successful consultancy business. Whilst working for me as an AHT, he was a pastoral lead and SENDCo at first. After the pastoral and SEND role, he worked on developing the school's curriculum . His work was well known in the area and I was even asked to second him to another institution to support a large scale project being developed there. He has an extensive understanding all aspects of school leadership and I would strongly recommend him without reservation.'
CEO of a MAT

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