May 06, 2017

Who are our team of education consultants, mentors, coaches and supervision leads?

They are:

  • experienced practitioners;
  • ex or existing senior leaders. SENDCos or local authority advisors who 'know their onions';
  • all human and friendly.

They will:

  • listen to you;
  • work with you;
  • adapt to meet your needs; 
  • occasionally make you smile (even laugh);

Please feel free to read the biographies of the education consultants by clicking the links below.

If you need anything else or have a question please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Telephone: (all enquiries): 0333 344 1976
General enquiries:
Sales and services:
Finance and accounts:

Helping you to put children and learning centre stage

'Our day with Jon was very useful and has left us with a clear plan regarding our next steps. His work has underpinned much of our recent self-evaluation but added an expert view on how to move things forward. Advice and strategies shared to date have been very useful and Jon was supportive and thought provoking throughout his visit. We very much look forward to the opportunity to work with Jon in the future.'
Headteacher, Middle School

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