Venturers Trust

Feb 05, 2019

Pupil Premium Reviews

Backdrop Education Services Ltd is working with the staff and pupils at Venturers Trust. We are reviewing the services provided in one specific area of the school.  In doing so, Backdrop Education Services Ltd is helping Venturers Trust build upon and improve its existing practice.' Headteacher

We asked: 'What did you like about the service?' They answered: 
  • 'It was very supportive and reflective of our practice with high quality suggestions and support.' Primary Headteacher.
  • 'Attention to detail; very personable and knowledgeable consultant; constructive.' Pupil Premium Lead
  • 'Open, empathetic yet challenging.' Headteacher (Special School).

Attendance Support
'Jon was understanding of the context of the schools and challenges we face. The process was solution focused, non judgmental and passionate about showing our strengths and looking for areas to improve. The whole day allowed me and colleagues to spend time focusing on attendance. I feel a lot more ready to discuss our data and strategy moving forward.'

'Backdrop Education provided an efficient, courteous and challenging review that staff 'strangely' enjoyed and felt empowered by.'
Headteacher, Secondary

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