Catriona Mangham

Aug 02, 2019

Catriona is Director of Strategy for a large academy trust that currently oversees 14 schools both primary and secondary.

Catriona's current remit is to develop Trust wide coaching strategy, SEND strategy, Safeguarding strategy, Equalities strategy and Wellbeing for all. Catriona is also working on a long term strategy to ensure the Trust is carbon neutral by 2025. Catriona is a highly experienced and successful principal having turned a failing inner city school into a high achieving, oversubscribed, national leading organisation .

She was awarded Bristol Headteacher of the Year in 2017 and has been recognised by the LA for her outstanding contribution to education in the city.  She is also an Associate Headteacher for PiXL supporting schools in raising achievement, a mentor Headteacher for Ofsted and a coach on the DfE's Women into Leadership programme. She is also a National Leader of Education.

She is currently supporting Principals and senior leaders within the Trust through coaching or supervision. Catriona has completed one year of her ILM 7 Coaching for Executive Leadership at UWE. Her specialism is supporting leadership through mentoring and coaching and developing sustainable strategy.


“The support you have offered spreads root and branch into one’s life – in the long term the impact is immeasurable.” 
Assistant VP Bristol
“The affirmation that I am good enough to be a senior leader and how I transition forward in developing as a leader has enabled a sense of confidence and acceptability from within. “ 

Assistant VP Bristol

'I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the SEND Review process. Jon has provided clear guidance regarding how to conduct the reviews and the areas to explore. As a result, I am confident that I have gained an overview of both the strengths of SEN provision within [the area] and the areas that require focus during the coming year.'
Strategic SENDCo for Area

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