Dr Sue Allingham

Nov 11, 2019

Sue’s expertise and passion for teaching and learning in the Early Years started with her classroom experience and Senior Lead role as Early Years Co-ordinator in the late 1980’s. Moving into research Sue gained an MA followed by a Doctorate, both in Early Years Education from Sheffield University. 

These achievements enabled Sue to consolidate her thinking and practice; she realised that the work she was doing had a solid grounding in research. 

This research base informs the articles she writes regularly for Early Years Educator magazine and she is now the Consultant Editor. 

This work also gained Sue a commission from Practical Preschool Publications to write Transitions in the Early Years which is now in second edition.

Sue developed her consultancy and training services and her most popular focus areas are: 
• Observation, Assessment and Planning 
• Wellbeing and Involvement - using the Leuven Scales 
• Understanding Transitions 
• Real Alternatives in Year One – an Action Research Project 
• Enabling Environments 
• Recognising Learning 
• Effective Teaching 
• Characteristics of Effective Learning

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